March 31st, 2007

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chocolate caramel non dairy creamer is the best way to start my coffee in the morning. then top it with a cool shower . . . i'm all sorts of happy and content now. i only wish the netflix copy of Resident Evil worked on the DVD player in my room. i won't make kelli watch it over and over.

we watched the two movies that B left over here for us. The Last King of Scotland and Blood Diamond, both really good movies. and we've gone through our two netflix picks. time to mail one back. doc filled up the queue, which is good because there were only three movies left on it.

i'm all excited because Saw is on tonight on the sci fi channel. i've been wanting to rent it, but i'm the only horror movie buff in the house.

did i mention we got a new vacuum? it's a delight. it doesn't clog and sucks and sucks. the filter is totally washable and the catcher of dirt isn't connected to the sucker thing, so it doesn't clog up. and it isn't a dyson. it's a eureka, same color as the dyson but much less expensive. and it scares the cats into running aimlessly around the place trying to avoid it, which is fun for all of us.