March 23rd, 2007

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recent happenings have me wondering both whether we are cursed, or whether we are prone to new opportunities.

i am coping in a most unhealthy way, but just for now. reality is just too much right now.

my main concern is that i have lost my wonderful health insurance. and i am scared. i have 90 day supplies of everything but cymbalta and klonopin/xanax. i'm hoping that as long as i have the anti psychotics i can keep my shit together.

i approached doc about a controlled allowance of me cutting/burning. he is not thinking it over and hoping i forget. i don't want to go to that place, but it would be nice to know he wouldn't freak out on me. i'm just looking for an easy out, as usual.

the cat food recall has set us up with a list of foods to avoid for the forseeable future. though we're pretty happy with the canned food we have. friskies turned out to be a liability, since leeloo would gorge herself on it and puke it up each time. so we're sticking with the 9 lives. they eat it slowly, but quickly enough that it doesn't sit out all night. they get fed at 7pm.

it's a horrible thing that is happening with the recall. i feel so badly for the people with sick pets or waiting to see if their pets get sick. on the news today they had a couple of cats that had survived the "poisoning" and were doing really well.

i also checked the list to see if any of the food we fed henry could have been tainted, but none of what he had was on the blacklist.

overall, things could be much worse than they are. i'll snap out of it and stop living on europe time where it turns five around noon here.