March 19th, 2007

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klonopin works better than the xanax with half the dose. so far, switching seems the right thing to have done. the increased cymbalta also giving my mood a kick.

i started the cleaning of my room yesterday. it will be a long process and there will be boxes belonging to doc left over on the floor, but it is started now. and with each thing i do to tidy up, the more my mood rises.

under the eave of our front porch lives a giant pigeon. if one is at cat level, one can see it from kelli's bedroom window. but you have to be at cat level. we call this Pigeon Vision. Jack will sit for hours and watch that bird. now, so will chloe, but she takes it one step further, she watches when the pigeon is not there, waiting for it to return. as soon as kelli stirs in her room in the morning, jack will start stalking her door, sometimes clawing at it, sometimes (like today), meowing at it, waiting to get in for Pigeon Vision. oh, and the pigeon will sit and stare at jack as long as jack will stare at it.

doc got a new vacuum this weekend because ours was ten years old and falling apart. he got one with the filter in a different place than the catcher of debris. and the filter is washable. and the weirdest thing: on the side of the machine is mounted a holder for a duster, and one can divert air into this chamber at the flip of a switch and "charge" the duster so it picks up more dust. another whoosh of air and the duster is cleaned off. pretty clever, and not bad for under a hundred bucks. plus it's a eureka, so it has brand name behind it.

and boy does it suck. this place will be cat fur free by the end of the week. it even has an upholstery/stair brush attatchment. although, we have no iterior stairs and the furniture is cleverly (kelli's handiwork) covered by sheets and mexican blankets that can be easily removed and washed. so not a big call in our lives for this wonderful attatchment, but i'm sure we'll find another use for it. it would be perfect for vacuuming the cats, if they would hold still for it and not rip our throats out.

the weather continues to rock. the temperature rises to the 80s during the afternoon and early evening, it's cool by midnight . . . terrific stuff. we're expecting a cool down of ten degrees or so this week, but the lows won't change and will still be perfect for open windows.

thanks to kelli's green thumb, our dollar store plants are happy and thriving. we have no idea what kind of plants they are, but they add a happy place to look, a soothing place above the TV, life thriving. it's a wonderful thing.
2013, cyd, new

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Your Birthdate: May 19

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You've had some difficult experiences in your life, but you are wise from them.
Having had to grow up quickly, you tend to discount the advice of others.
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