January 30th, 2007

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i woke up to kelli very close to my face. "cyd, we have a hamster issue". jack had knocked over the hamster cage and the hamster was running loose. right. good to know jack is willing to always keep us on our toes. strangely enough, spot, said hamster, was over by the cat food dish and fairly easy to grab. now she is rolling around in her ball. jack is playing with her. kelli thinks jack wants to eat spot. but i disagree because i am deluded and want to think that nurture can overcome nature in cats. i think the whole thing is cute, and it gives spot a friend. jack spends a lot of time up on the cabinet we keep the hamster cage on. i'm not sure how they interract, but they do.

world's broke apart and fell into the sun yesterday. a certified letter gone astray and doc's dad. i don't want to talk about it, but i did want to note it.

whatever sick i was feeling is gone. i shouldn't get sick, i don't have exposure to people enough to catch their bugs.

wow, that's all i had to say. no pictures today, we haven't caught anyone in the act of being cute. i would have loved to get a shot of the hamster cage falling. so long as spot is okay, which she is. tough little vermin.