January 21st, 2007

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we have this problem where every time you open a food cabinet, food falls on you. so kelli is organizing the food cabinets. i was trying to help and realized i was just in the way so i'm here writing this instead.

did you see the thing on CNN about the really fat cat that was sneaking into a dog door and stealing cat food and got caught in the door because he was so fat? i've never seen a fat cat with a fat face, that cat was amazing. and, if i may say so, doing well for a feral cat. kelli points out she doesn't think he was feral.

i have short small tubes and small shell pasta and i can't decide which to use to make mac and cheese first. we have a lot of pasta. and a lot of canned goods.

kelli just reminded me of a video i have of jack that i haven't uploaded to youtube yet. i'll go do that and post the link when it goes live.