December 23rd, 2006

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kelli made dinosaur sugar cookies for her niece and nefews and had some left over that just whetted my appetite for more. she had an extra bag of sugar cookie mix so i'm making trees and bells and fish (i had the cookie cutter, don't look for a deeper reason). and i have my blue and green food colors for the icing. i'm just waiting for the dough to cool and set.

then i have oatmeal raisin chocolate chip cookies to make. yummy. doc takes them to work and makes friends. hee. i just like having an excuse for having cookies in the house. i love cookies. and home made ones are the best.

thanks to kelli's mom, there are presents under the tree for doc and i. we really couldn't wrap the food from doc's parents. our tree would have melted and taken on a bad meat smell. no good.

i have to find my crappy black tshirt so i can dye my hair a redder, rootless color. maybe i should do that while the dough cools.