December 14th, 2006

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i think we can get to the DMV with just two busses. over the next week, while i wait for my social security card, i will figure it out.

jack is off his dry food. we're serving him wet food just to get him to eat. and he hasn't thrown up the wet food, as far as i can tell. there's no kitty yark on the floor anywhere. he plays with the dry food, he just doesn't eat it. i'm hoping it's just nervousness after his vet trip yesterday.

i have to go get more canned food today for him. i'll feed him whatever he will eat. just as long as he keeps eating.

meanwhile i'm waiting for the vet to call with the bloodwork results. i'll tell him about jack not wanting to eat.
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doc is going to take me to the DMV on his first day off after i get my social security card in the mail. that should be next friday. he knows the area and the busses and kelli had to wait with me yesterday at the social security office and the vet. i just can't make her sit and wait at the DMV as well.

then i can get a job. i'm not at all scared by the prospect. i'll get something easy where i'm told what to do and i do it and it is done. like i said before, the mini marts are all around us. if i wanted to go for walmart, i could do that too. but i don't know if they will be hiring after the holidays. and mini marts are always hiring.

if this job works out it will be sweet. i don't care where i work, as long as i can bring more money in. i can double my income legally while on SSI and that gives me a full part time job. i don't have to worry about insurance because doc is covered.

i want to make our lives better. and that means money.

i could afford to get beading materials again and start making more for ebay.

this is the best way. for now.