December 13th, 2006

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yay and nay

yay: my social security card will be here in a week!

nay: we're about to take jack to the vet to see what's up with his tummy.

i had forgotten how useful a car can be.
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back at home waiting an hour to go back and get an xrayed and bloodworked jack.

there is not enough xanax in north america to make me not be freaking out right now.

i think we're going to have to junk the car. this vet trip is taking $250 out of the car fund which leaves us with . . . too little. maybe doc can pull some overtime out. maybe i can get a holiday job.

to me the cat is the priority. the car has been useless for almost two years now and the cat's theraputic value with me is priceless. losing another cat just isn't an option. though i don't think he's that sick. we'll see what the bloodwork says. hopefully kiity just has a grumpy tummy.

and screw the car if we can't pay for it now. really, i'm ready to get rid of costly baggage. get to the basics. simplify life and then build up again when we are ready.
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for now he gets pepcid twice a day. the bloodwork will be back in a couple of days, but the vet didn't see anything wrong with him aside from the puking.

he's wandering around the house as if he can't believe he's home. leeloo is being a super bitch to him.

i'm so glad he's healthy and i don't regret spending the money to find that out.

that said, i will have my ID after the holidays and trying to find a part time job around here. we're surrounded by mini marts, it shouldn't be too hard to secure employment. i don't care what i'm making or doing. as long as the dress code is relaxed because all i have is a pair of jeans and a pair of camoflauge pants.

meantime i am focused on getting us out of the stress and ugliness our lives are financially. since it is affecting every other aspect of our lives. time for changes.
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being back at the pet hospital, at the time, was not as stressful or frought with memories as i thought it would be. of course now, after the fact, i'm a little freaked out, but mostly glad i got jack home okay. i guess in the moment i was just too worried about jack. dawn today brought a brightness to the carpet that showed yellow bile stains. that got me really worried. that, and i've never had a cat that puked everything up all day long. henry was sick when he was doing it, what is jack's excuse? bad tummy and likely nothing else. i can live with that.

having kelli here and being able to talk to her about life and the world we live in has really helped me get perspective on a few things. the problem is, i want action now. and that doesn't happen around here. i sit and think of ways to motivate change. ways that are inobtrusive and not manipulative at all. i don't want to be a nag. i also don't think that i need to be stressing out about some simple things. the idea is to coerce change, not to force it. more flies with honey and all that.