December 7th, 2006

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i'm not so sad today. i feel pretty good, actually.

i spent last evening high on my last lortab. i did something to my broken tooth and pain shot up through my eye. i started crying and choked down the lortab. i had been taking them by halves to make them last, but i was hurting bad last night. so i remember nothing that i watched on tv.

now i have to call the dentist and figure out that whole thing. yay.

but i'm not in pain today and figure if i keep things out of that side of my mouth i will be okay for a while.
2013, cyd, new

new audioblog

new audioblog up at, i'm starting to get used to talking into a machine with no feedback from anyone like on my long past internet radio show. i had chat then, to see what people were thinking of me right then. this is so different, since i get no feedback at all on my podcasts. though, i imagine that if i sucked really hard, someone would tell me about it. at least i hope so.

anyway, go listen to it. it's only four minutes long. =}