December 2nd, 2006

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doc is out at the grocery store. i'm making home made mac and cheese and my special excellent enchiladas. i'm also making gingerbread cookies.

it is cold out and there is nowhere to go, so i cook. then i eat. comfort foods. that's what i'm all about.

the car drama gets worse by the day. i'm on the title, so once we get the title, if we can without my ID (i'm hoping a birth certificate will do, but i am doubtful), i will need ID to claim the car.

so there is the question, since the car is so old and beat up, why not just junk it? need the same title and ID to do that. so we're fucked and the towing company owns us.

and my rage at the bitch that manages this place grows and grows.

oh yeah, and the insurance, we need valid driver's liscenses to insure the beast.

so fucked.

i've managed to push most of the panic down so i can be supportive and stable for doc. this worries me that it will all come out in another psychotic break eventually. as long as i can keep my shit together while we get this accomplished.

i pray that doc's is the only name on the title. then this will be much easier. but the last documentation i have is with both names on the title.

procrastination is bad.

but i get to cook and eat my favorite foods.