November 24th, 2006

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the day after

yumm . . . i'm still full. yesterday was fabulous. deep fried maccaroni and cheese is obscenely delicious. hungry man TV dinners are really good, each thing has its own flavor, it didn't just taste like one big lump. the pie was perfect.

then we made cookies. doc got some hershey's cocoa powder in "special dark" edition. the cookies we made turned out black from the cocoa powder. it is so delicious. if you are a chocolate fan, get some of the "special dark" powder and make your fave chocolate recipes with it. not for exclusive fans of milk chocolate, this has a bit of a bitterness to it because it is so strong.

i didn't get around to making the candied walnuts, i'll have to do that today.

i talked to my father in law last night for a while. it was good to hear his voice. he told me all about a cruise he went on earlier this year (while i was in the hospital, i think doc said). they went out to dinner with doc's sister's family. i miss holidays with them.

i hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, or thursday, as the international case may be.

i'm going to go for a walk later today and take some pictures of the valley. other than that i will continue my lazy streak. it is going so well, i don't want to interupt it.
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