November 23rd, 2006

2013, cyd, new

i have most of the day planned out

and in a few minutes i will start on that. i'll go into the kitchen and start prepping for breakfast.

a couple more years like this and i may try a turkey one year. maybe.

for breakfast we have blueberry muffins, bacon and scrambly eggs (scrambled eggs with cheese).

after breakfast is cleaned up and we are rested, doc and i are making the candied walnuts and another batch of chocolate butterscotch chip cookies.

then rest again.

then dinner. bake the pie and make the mashed potatoes. then slip the tv dinners into the oven or microwave.

i'm excited. i even got up in time to see the parade. i'm actually a bit early. i'll enjoy the quiet and having the place to myself for a few hours.

happy thanksgiving everyone!