November 16th, 2006

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we went for a walk yesterday. kelli told me to get my shoes on and we went up to russel road and then down to nellis and back home. she showed me a fabulous view of the valley and we looked at some townhomes. potential places to live.

we've planned out thanksgiving dinner. deep fried mac and cheese for an appetizer, then turkey and mashed potato tv dinners and pumpkin pie with cool whip for dessert.

christmas dinner is going to be harder. i want a rib roast to infuse with garlic, but kelli doesn't eat red meat. so i'll have to roast some chicken up for her. then yorkshire pudding for all.

i still haven't decided if i'm going to decorate for christmas. maybe. i don't know.

it's been a week since henry passed and the pain is tolerable. just little reminders here and there. he will not be forgotten. the other cats continue to be affectionate beyond their normal dealings. evey morning they pile on the bed and wake us up in the nicest, nose biting way. i told doc no new cats until jack mellows and matures. he's still in kitten mode. doc said no new kitties until we move somewhere else. i'm cool with that. i may dream of other kitties, but in my waking life, i will not be ready for a long time.

i think i will decorate for christmas. all i have to do is find the boxes. and the tree. i can hang stockings. we have some lights to put up. i think it will be a good thing for all of us. it will be cheery.
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leeloo laying around the water dish

chloe in the box bed we originally made for henry, we decided to let the other cats own it, it is on the floor under my table in the workroom
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i have comitted to the holiday decorations. i just wrapped white rope lights on my balcony. i'll need to buy a short string of lights for the tree, it is small, so that should only cost a couple of bucks.

and i have these wonderful vintage glass christmas ornaments to add to the tree this year. every year the tree is over decorated, and that's the way i like it. the vintage ornaments were dumpster dived and in remarkably good shape. some were missing but none were broken. they are painted and decorated with glitter and made of that fine, thin glass that barely seems to be able to hold its own weight. i can't wait to get the lights for the tree so i can decorate it.

today i will find the boxes of decorations. get the ornaments all together and ready to put on the tree, find the hooks . . . and get out stockings. kelli gets a dalmation or a tigger stocking. doc and i have ones made by my mother. i don't associate them with her, but i love the cross stitched disney characters on them.

then there are the million silk poinsettias to distribute into every place i can. i have a large silk ivy that i think i'll put some pointsettias in. and a glass wall vase that sits in a wrought iron back piece. it may get some other decoration, too.

i was blase about this, and now i'm all excited, just from putting some lights up.
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decorationous interuptus

i have no tree. somehow, i'm not sure how, or i don't remember . . . i threw them away. even the pink one. okay. seems reasonable that during my frantic purging, i got rid of it because it was broken and i didn't see us fixing it. so we have no tree.

doc is going to walmart this weekend and seeing if he can find a cheap tree (lucky we only need a short one). i was over stressed about it. i need to relax. everything feels so urgent after henry's illness.

we are watching the never-ending clint eastwood movie, the gauntlet. i'm just getting to know and like clint movies. this one is getting on my nerves, though. just run the gauntlet and be done with it. more action, less talk.