November 8th, 2006

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i'm up and ready to pill and feed henry. my body isn't so in synch with my brain.

jack woke me up with nurfles and cuddles. he subscribes to the meerkat way of life, cuddles help everything.

my eye on the side of my toothache is all swollen. doc is working overtime every possible day to pay off the vet and get me into a dentist. meantime a friend slipped me some lortabs to take the edge off.

the rent mess should be taken care of today. it will be taken care of today.
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thank you to everyone who commented and emailed. your words of support and empathy surprised me, though they shouldn't have, you are a great group of people. thank you from all of us.

i have callouses on my fingers from the syringes we used to feed henry. i hope they never go away.

i didn't have his collar, so i kept his tshirt.

his final few minutes weren't pretty. his eyes got really wide and he fought to breathe. mouth to mouth was administered. he died with a shudder, his tail all fluffed out. i just held him and talked to him. kelli petted him. doc petted him. we all just sat there and waited for the spell to pass. but i had a feeling it was it. i'm glad doc was home for it.

we opted not for cremation, we can't afford it. doc took care of the body. the harshest sound i've ever heard was the tape he used to close the box.

and it is done now. like it never happened. there are still medications to put away in case we, goddess forbid, ever have to do this again.

the cats have gotten used to kelli in record time and are hanging out and not hiding like yesterday. it's good to see them around. one less, but visible and ready for me to pay attention to them.

that's all.