November 7th, 2006

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kam316 will be here in a couple of hours.

henry is so lethargic today. he just fell off the couch. i am very worried he won't make it through the day. and this is the first time i've been concerned about that since he first came home.

we will get through this. the late rent, the sick cat, the new roommate. this will all work out. yes it will.
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it's over

henry died at 1:15 PST. there was something neurological wrong with him this morning. i was holding him when he died.

this is wrong. we did everything right.

god, goddess . . . what a laugh. there is nothing.

i still have to talk to the vet, try to find out what went wrong this morning. see if they do cremations. find out how much that is going to cost.

kelli is here. she got here right before he died. welcome home, kelli.

the rent is still late and things just got complicated.

the world still spins. and henry is gone. 9 years and he's just gone.

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he's in a box near the door. i can't stay away from the box. the other cats have been in hiding since it happened. likely they can smell it.

i can't write about it. i thought i could and it would make me feel better. but it won't and i don't want to rehash it. it was awful and i saw fear in his eyes and it sucked.

there is an end to this exsistence, isn't there?