November 6th, 2006

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as superstitious as i am about when he leaves for the day, i didn't say "i love you" . . . audibly. i just didn't want the rejection of him saying nothing back. so i told him to have a good day. by the time he gets home (hell, in an hour or so), i won't remember why i was so bent in the first place.

something about the rent having to be delivered last night and me not remembering to remind him. shit happens. now it is late and we have to pay a fee. and i did forget to tell him. why he didn't just take it up when we were talking about it . . . this shit happens to us. we are irresponsible and procrastinators.

the bad side is that it only leaves me $20 for the vet appointment. and even though the appointment is free, he always tacks something on to it. i have to just tell him when i go in that i don't have any money. except for reglan and i'm still not sure i want to put him back on that. we'll see how his feedings go before the appointment and decide then. i quit giving it to him because he was throwing up the entire dose and i didn't see the point. he's just had a rough morning.

doc did give him a sponge bath in between pukings and semi-pukings.

but most of the time doc worked on kelli's room, his former room. it won't be ready for her when she gets here and i see a lot of trash taking out when she does get here. then we have to coordinate a time to go to the storage unit and put stuff in there. B has generously agreed to give us a ride up there with the boxes. that takes a heavy weight off of me. i know the how of it happening, even if i don't know the when.

kelli will be arriving around this time tomorrow!! how excited am i? very. very very.

doc wants me to vacuum around all of the edges in the house, so i should get going on that one.
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the reality of the upcoming change has hit me. i've been sitting on the couch, watching farscape. i did some laundry and fed the cat. but i still haven't vacuumed.

B isn't online and i don't know if he remembered about today's vet appointment. and i'm running out of daylight for the whole "vacuum around the edge of everything". the house is not that well lit.

i also need to do more laundry and clean the kitchen. this daylight ending so early really gets to me.
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henry and stuff

i had one reglan left, which i split in half and gave henry. it doesn't seem to have made a difference, as i was just able to induce vomiting by holding him in my arms. let me tell you how that makes a mother feel. ;}

fuck, i completely forgot about my podcasts. i'll have to look into that wednesday. i worked hard to get those up, i need to keep them going.

so yeah, henry seems to be stress puking. that isn't good that he gets that stressed by my being near him, but i suppose it is to be expected since i'm the one caring for him most of the time.

we're running out of clothes washing soap. time to start letting him puke on the carpet and cleaning that up rather than chasing him with towels.

doc found me raspberry iced tea crystal light. watered down by half, it is really good stuff.

i still have that toothache i mentioned the other day. it's a pretty constant thing and makes me a super bitch. that doesn't help anyone at all. i have to say i am worn the fuck out. just to get it out there. i miss my daily naps, i keep missing my medication and i have no energy for anything else at all.

once henry will eat more at a time and keep it down, i will be able to nap again. i miss that time out in my day. and my meds require it. now i usually take my day meds in the evening when i notice i've not taken them, or i take them with my night meds. like i'll be taking my day meds now. since i have some excederine in me i shouldn't get too sleepy. just dopey.

me more dopey, lovely stuff.