November 3rd, 2006


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we're leving to catch the bus to my doctor's appointment.

henry is doing well. there is a one inch hole in his neck. we got some topical spray to put on it to keep it clean. and he has to wear his little tshirt tight around his neck to cover it. we have new antibiotics to give to him, which is no problem with the pill gun. i got him medicated in record time today.

time to go, more later.
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henry seems oblivious to the sore on his neck. which is good since we clean it often and i don't want him in pain.

had the speediest doctor's appointment ever. since my meds are working well for me there isn't much to discuss.

next month i take the bus to the doctor's myself. hopefully with kelli (kam316) in tow. i know where my stop is now since i paid attention today to the look of the stop and the streets that meet at the stop.

four days until kelli. i so can't wait.