October 30th, 2006

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henry slept in our bed with us last night. doc even slept with his head at my feet so he could snuggle henry. he also set up a towel as a barrier from my kicking either of them. it worked, no one got kicked. henry is back up on our bed now.

i'm concerned that he's stopped using his litter box on his own. he peed on the floor last night. i have to watch him carefully and know the signs and get him to the litter box. last night i wasn't watching him so carefully.

i have the DVD player all packed up and ready to go back to Fry's. i hope that works out.

and i have $20 to take to the vet for food for henry. provided i can get to the vet. i still haven't asked B. since we don't have anymore of the food he's getting friskies and vita cal. together they won't make up all the calories he needs, but they will almost get there.

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time to go feed henry. wish me luck. =}
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sometimes things work really well

in a move i don't quite understand, i was sent home from Fry's with a brand new DVD/VHS. i can't believe it. i got it home and hooked up and programed like the other one never left.

i got cat food. $15 for 5 day's worth. this is killing us.

but henry is showing improvement. it's like he magically knows about my post last night and is showing me how well he really is getting. he foomped for me (rolled over and gave me his tummy to rub) and responded to butt rubs (you know the ass button that makes a cat's butt go up when you rub it, right at the base of the tail . . .) for the first time. he has also been taking his food well.

i have a couple hours that i was gone to make up for in feeding. hopefully he is down with that. silly kitty. better kitty.

i just have to work out why he isn't using either of the litter boxes unless you catch him about to make an indiscretion on the carpet and take him to the box. i guess he just doesn't want to walk all the way into the other room. he'll have to get over that. =}

off to put on my netflix movie, Resident Evil: Apocalypse and tidy up and find some dinner.
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the misadventures of a fat cat

i have a sofa futon. i use it as a bed. the supports are about 3" above the floor. we had all other entrances to underneath blocked.

henry the still-fat cat actually got himself under there, losing his tube stopper (a qtip fits, luckily), and removing his tshirt.

i won't even go into how i got him out. it wasn't pretty and he's lucky the tshirt wasn't completely off.

i blocked up the whole of under the bed, but then i shut my door so he can't get in. i so do not want to go through that again. i still have to put my bed back together.

so now he's fed and sleeping sulkily in front of my bedroom door.

he also used the litterbox. on his own. yay!

oh, drat, time to feed him. i almost just typed through it.