October 23rd, 2006

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B is taking me to the vet. he is such a guardian angel.

i've got henry's feeding schedule written down, along with his med and vomit schedules. so i can show the vet we are trying but the vomit is winning.

plus i have a couple of products to ask him about. and we're going to the pet store after so i can get food and litter for the other cats and hopefully some supplements for henry.

the "vita cal" and "nutri cal" that i've been told about by you guys, seems to be just what we need. it looks like it will be a mess to feed him, as violently opposed to touching his mouth he is. but if a little bit helps, and we can get a little bit down him, then we're on our way.

he took a humongous dookie last night, so we know we're doing something right. it isn't all coming up after meals, something is getting in to nourish him.

everything blurs together. feeding. cleaning. petting. feeding. cleaning. petting.

doc was brilliant to start writing stuff down. it will help me focus and stay anchored in reality, not surfing through the blur of time like i have been.