October 19th, 2006

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henry's caregiver

i'm worn out. it's only been a day of caring for him. i'm worried about the amount of food going in vs. the amount of food coming out. i'm afraid i won't do it right and he will die. i need to calm down.

i know i just have to get used to it. and do the best i can.

i stopped watering down the food so much. so i don't have to give him so much.

i took his little tshirt off, but it made the tube flail around, so the tshirt went back on. tonight we'll take it off and brush him down and wash the shirt.

his incision is crusty (ew) but not infected at all.

he still isn't at all perky, i blame that on the not enough food thing. i don't know when i'm petting him if he likes it. but he always liked me to pet him before he got sick, so maybe he does like it. i fed him while cuddling him this morning. i'll feed him again in 45 minutes.
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calmer now

two feedings done. he seems calm. he's under the chair. if i keep this up without him vomitting, then i'll be able to get two cans into him today. that will do his liver good.

feeding while cuddling is the best, i've found. he doesn't try to walk away, he just dozes through the feeding. as it should be.

and he responded to my petting him while he was under the chair before his last feeding. i was petting his side and he half rolled over to offer me part of his tummy, which is still fat. that was a total "awww" moment.

i'm going to get this cat better. i can get this cat better. that's all there is to it.

i've noticed he thows up more when doc feeds him. so even though doc is off tomorrow, i think i'll keep to my feeding duties. he can do other things.
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hiding out on the balcony

resting, not puking, good kitty

we have clean spots all over our carpet from cleaning up vomit. i think when we renew the lease, we will take them up on a free carpet cleaning. i don't know how we would empty out the living room, but we could figure it out. it would be nice to have a professionally cleaned carpet. i love our carpet cleaner, but it is limited. if you want really clean, use the hand attatchment. that's how we got the clean spots. we recently cleaned the carpet, but the unit needs to be heavier and it only cleans so well. yes, i think a free carpet cleaning is just the thing.

i mailed off my check for the lawrence of arabia DVD. a friend who just purchesed something actually threw in an extra $10 to cover it. how cool is that? doc wasn't as mad as i thought he would be. i guess he realized i was trying to do something for him, not me. plus henry came home so everything got better. and soon we'll have this beautiful movie for our own.

since we were stable financially before henry got sick, we joined netflix. we picked one of the cheapest plans and lawrence of arabia was the first movie we got. i sent it back today. i don't remember what we're getting next. i could look, but i'd rather be surprised. if we can pull out of this financial mess we are temporarily in, we can keep the membership.

i have faith we can do it. i need to go make . . .

henry just vomitted up 2 feedings worth of food. doc didn't leave the phone at home so i can't call the vet. damn. damn. damn.
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okay, i'm trying 30cc feedings at 1cc per minute to minute and a half. i'm also heating the food a bit more.

i need to give him time to digest, but i'm almost continually feeding him with about a half an hour in between. i tried giving it more time, but that didn't work.

he just wants to be anywhere i'm hot. he puked under his chair so he's hanging out on the porch and i'm going to have to go out and drag him in again to feed him in a few minutes. he gets no peace.

the one thing that is working is cuddling while feeding. it keeps him still. he wants to jump up in the middle of his feedings. it is the only energy he shows.

last night he broke out of his pen and was under the chair this morning. i can't help but think that jack had a paw or two in that adventure. he doesn't like henry behind bars. it really annoys him for some reason.

i've read a few pages on vomiting with feeding tubes. gotten some good advice. i also found out there is a drug that might help him keep the food down. so when i call the vet tomorrow, if we're still having this problem, i'll ask about that drug. we have to go back up there to pay them some. and get more food.

i don't know where we are going to pull rent out of. i need to start plugging the ebay stuff on seller communities. and here, as well. it is always a good time to get gifties in the fall. never too early to shop for the holidays.
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the carpet is clean and i am calmer. the more he throws up, the more i will feed him. i will get two cans into him if it takes me all night. he's in his pen now, where he seems most relaxed. he purred through the last feeding. he's getting something into him because he is using the litterbox. so there are no blockages that may have caused this to happen in the first place.

and how and when did it happen? either during/after the dog food mistake, which i doubt, he would be much sicker. or it was when i put the food dish near the indoor covered litterbox. that also coincides with about how long he was sick. when we first discovered it, there were no signs of jaundice yet. it was in the three days until we could get him to the vet that it developed.

he's lost a lot of weight, but hasn't lost his robustness, which made it even harder to tell. it wasn't until i picked him up and noticed he was much lighter that i thought something might be wrong.

so it isn't like we neglected him in any way. i wish i could convince doc of it, but as i've said, since henry came home, doc has been coping with the illness much better. he doesn't like to be out of control. i know it kills him to have to go to work and leave me home. that is part of why i'm so stressed out that henry isn't keeping down anything i feed him. i want to do this right for henry and to prove to myself i can do it. i can do it. i am doing it.

time for another feeding. i'll keep him in his pen this evening and maybe he will stay calmer and not throw up.
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it's interesting

it's interesting to have something/one to care for so intensely. i mentioned in my last audioblog that it feels like a taste of motherhood and i am so glad i am child free. one sick cat reaffirmed years of my resolve not to have children.

i am also getting why/how doc gets so weary of taking care of me.

it takes a lot out of you. me. whatever.

but to hear him purr as i pet him is worth anything. and maybe i say that because i have a carpet cleaner and don't have to hand clean the vomit. no, it would be worth it. just to hear him purr or to see him look up to try and meet my eyes. earlier today his tail twitched happily. it wore his tail out, but it was such a hopeful sign.

it is nice to have something to love so much and spoil so much.