October 18th, 2006

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this is henry's "pen". adjacent is the bathroom with the litter box and a nice bathtub to sleep in. this is in what will be kam316's room, so he's got to make a speedy recovery, at least to the point where we can just lock him in our room at night. during the day he sleeps on the couch and under the chair. sometimes he goes out to the balcony and lays down for a while. he's getting enough energy back to be obstinate. and i really had forgotten how stubborn he can be when he wants to.

right now his feeding tube seems clogged. i'm quietly freaking out about it. i've tried many things. now i'm trying one that involves me waiting for a result over time. eck.

there, i got the clog, i think. i'll go give him some water in a minute. hopefully he is still in the bed and not hiding in the cabinet again.

he's really starting to hate me. i make him stay on the couch and he doesn't like it. he meows at me angrily when i go into his pen to pet or feed him. as he gets his energy back, i'm afraid he's going to get aggresive on me. so i'm trying to let him do what he wants to do, while still watching him closely.

last night i melted down some junk candles that couldn't be burned for various reasons, and made myself three candles. they are ugly, but i don't care. they will burn, and i hope, burn well. and blessed candles don't need to be pretty.

it felt good, after a day of accomplishing small things, to relax and play with the wax and the molds and wicks and make something with my hands besides food. and with any luck i used the right sized wick and they will burn well.
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the vet called . . .

and now i am freaking out because we are not feeding him enough and the tube is still clogged and i'm making doc crazy with it and i need to calm down.

everything between doc and i that was evil faded when henry came home. so aside from my freak outs and the collateral damage they do to doc, things are good.

but right now i am hiding from him to give him a much needed break. i am also waiting for a xanax to kick in.

i made coffee. cinnamon coffee. but i don't think i should have any. i'm a little too excitable as it is.
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freak out is over. i even fed henry another 1/4 can. he's hiding under the sink now. i'll leave him there until his next feeding. doc got the blockage out of the tube by sheer force of will and warm water. i need to get another can and a quarter into henry today. at the very least. basically i will be feeding him constantly.

i'll finish the candles now that doc is awake and the noise of the heat gun won't bother him. then in a couple of hours i can take them out and see how they burn. if i got the wick right, i will likely make more. i'm trying to get rid of all of my scrap wax. if i got the wick size wrong, i have a bunch of smaller wick that i can use. someday i will return to making candles and selling them. this is the first step.
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cross your fingers. i've gotten half a can into henry so far today and no puking thus far. here's to no more puking!

i posted a new audio blog about henry and thoughts of motherhood at http://fabulousdisaster.com/wordpress/. it's the longest piece i have done, so expect buffering!

i'm watching one of the candles i made to see if it will burn nicely. it isn't burning down the center, which is my fault, i left a little slack in the wick so it bends slightly. as long as it doesn't spill wax all over the place it will be a success. those aren't high standards in a candle, just basic politeness, i think. hee.