October 17th, 2006

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henry has been set up in doc's vanity and bathroom area. this morning i found the place covered in vomit and the litter box partially spilled out. henry was asleep in the tub.

so now i'm stressed that he is puking up his meals. i'm sure he'll get used to the tube. maybe we need to feed him less at a time. i'll go with that and feed hiim half the amount for his next meal. he's asleep on the couch now. yes, i think feeding him less more times a day is the answer. we're probably overloading his stomach after he hasn't eaten in so long.

i've been away from him long enough, time to go bug him with cuddles.
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i fed henry on my own! doc doesn't trust me with important things and lately that has been making me doubt myself needlessly. usually it just rolls off my back. so i fed the cat and he hasn't thrown up yet!

and i've given him free enough reign to find a hiding spot in the living room under the easy chair (if you can call it that - it's an upholstered chair). he seems happy there. he's used the litter box for 1 and 2 and then 2ed in the living room. we'll let that go for now. i am now a mommy. my job is to watch over the frail and clean up vomit and poop. i've never been happier to have tasks set before me.

henry is a pale shadow of himself. he was purring last night and was somewhat responsive to doc. he isn't at all responsive to me. but i'm the cop. i'm the one who makes him stay on the couch. he is weak but still asserting his kitty rights. he ran off while i was feeding him. trailing drops of food. i caught up with him and finished the feeding on the balcony, where he had run to.

and i think that run took it out of him. now he's resting. i hope he doesn't throw up the food. he will feel so much better if he keeps it down. cross your fingers.
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thank you post

firstly, thank you to B for taking doc to and from the vet last night. a complete life saver.

next, thank you to everyone who has posted. i tried to keep up with the individual thank yous but i got lost along the way. so thank you.

also, in no particular order, thank you to those who have bought kam316's paintings. you will love them. if you are interested in buying art or hand made quality gifts from my ebay store, it all goes to henry's vet bill.

and thank you to everyone who emailed, i will try to get back to each of you.

plus, thank you to everyone sending good thoughts and wishes our way. it means worlds to me.

and big ass thank you to kam316, who is helping us through this in a myriad of ways.

if i missed anyone . . . thank you.
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i'm going to document henry's recovery in pictures. doc was against it at first, but i told him that the photos i've been sent of other cats recovering have helped immensely.

so here's the casual shot of the day

and behind the cut (for the grossness factor) is a picture of his tube insertion owie
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