October 15th, 2006

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leeloo and jack are playing hide-and-go-pounce.
the internet is off, need to fix that

i've been looking through all of the recent photos of henry, looking for signs of jaundice or anything else we might have missed. not finding anything. just a bunch of pictures of him. if you go by pictures, he would be the favorite. i take more snaps of him than the others. i think it's because he holds still longer than the others. we don't have a favorite. each cat is so different that they fill a different part of our hearts.

i have every candle in the house burning. turns out i had a few more than i thought and it couldn't hurt to light them. right? right.

tomorrow is doc's last vacation day. we're hoping henry can come home tomorrow because doc needs to go get him. if it doesn't happen tomorrow, doc will just have to get up really early to go get him before work. whatever. i just want him home. because that means he's getting better.

i have a ton of canned cat food that i don't think we're going to be able to feed henry. i have a feeling he'll be put on a special diet for the weeks of recovery. so i want to give the canned food to the other cats. i need to bring this up with doc, he'll probably say to wait until we know. i assume to many things.

the vet just called. henry can come home tomorrow! i have to force feed him three times a day. no problem. he didn't say anything about a feeding tube, which is great. and we'll have to feed him three cans a day. i can do that. i can do anything for my henry. i'm so happy. we'll have him home.
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anyone nearby willing/able to take doc to pick henry up tomorrow?

he was going to put the pet carrier in his back pack but has rethought that plan. we're just trying to avoid the return cab ride.

other than that things are the same. we're getting ready for henry to be back tomorrow. i cleaned out the blender and have all manner of measuring things. i just have to make him a bed. i want to keep him confined to the living room/kitchen/dining room, but that would mean keeping the other cats limited to in here as well and that could get a bit crowded. i don't see a problem with it, but doc does. whatever. i'm too happy that the worst of this is over. the details can be worked out tomorrow when the cat actually gets home.

i need to unboring my life.

and stop using henry as an excuse to blow things off.