October 14th, 2006

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i couldn't post yesterday, i didn't want to get near the computer, we just sat and waited for the phone to ring.

henry is on IV fluids and will be at least until monday. he is also being force fed. once he is off the IV we can bring him home and continue treatment.

the one positive thing he said was that henry was fighting the feedings. this means he's got some fight in him, which he didn't have when we first brought him in.

doc is going to see if he can go visit henry today.

back when we stillhad our dog, darwin, he would go visit her and help to feed her every day when she was sick (ate a bunch of ibuprophen). he misses his boy.

the cats have figured out henry is gone and have changed their behavior, being much more attentive to us and cuddly. jack is in trying to wake doc up as i type this.

this is going to be much more expensive than we thought. with them keeping him this long. but i'm not going to worry about the money. i'm way more concerned with my little bubby wubster being alone and scared and having to get better under that stress.

we're looking for a miracle. we're looking for him to make a fast recovery so he can be taken off the IV and come home with us. the vet didn't sound overly optimistic, so i'm lighting candles and saying prayers like a madwoman.
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art lovers, do me a favor

go to kam316 and check out the paintings she has posted.

then, if you like one or two, go to cydniey's beadeds and click on "Physical Art" on the left hand sidebar and check out the size and prices.

these are priced to sell.

these are also the end of an era. kam316 is leaving them behind when she moves and starting a new phase. i'd like to see some of these survive, so i urge you to check them out. my favorites are the "chromas" and the "october" set. see which ones you love.

*all proceeds will go to henry's vet bill, just so you know.
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cruising the Then Jerico auctions and weeping. can i justify spending the money just to have the "First" CD when i have the files already? i should really be looking up cause and effect. which i will since there is no sign of then jerico's "orgasmophobia" CD from 2000 on ebay.

i haven't surfed ebay in so long.
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seriously, about the paintings, don't miss out, they are selling.

on to more immediate things: the vet called, henry is improving (hooray!) and doc was reassured that as soon as he was off the IV, once they got the jaundice under control, we can bring him home and continue treatment here. i'm home all day, i've nothing better to do than care for my cat. i've nothing better to do than care for all my cats.

we should have caught this sooner. neither of us can get over that. we don't know when it started and we feel we should. we are also guilty of thinking the weight loss was a good thing and due to a weight control diet and him getting more active. and it could have turned in a couple of weeks. this is driving us crazy and we are both dealing with it in different ways. i am quiet, only occasionally blurting out some fact to make doc feel better. he wishes i would go away and stop talking altogether. i wish i could just go away and leave him alone to it. and i'm afraid it will be this way until at least henry makes a full recovery. that is a lot of weeks of stress, and we have a life changing event coming up with kam316 moves in in a few weeks.

things will remain strange. i will try not to make them strained.

i cleaned out the outside litterbox today. completely emptied it and scrubbed it out. then put fresh litter in it. i also cleaned out the indoor one with the scooper. the litter in the inside box clumps much better than the outside box. it is much easier to clean. the cats have a full dish (they use a large dog food dish as their water dish) of water and a full feeder of food.

the storage structure of wood planks, cinder blocks and milk crates out on the balcony is set back up, to jack's joy, he can be stealthy if he lays flat on the top plank, the balcony wall is just a couple of inches higher. he's cute when he's in manic spy mode. he runs from the bedroom windows to the balcony and back into a bedroom window. we're never sure what he's doing or chasing.

i'll learn an important lesson from this and be a better mother for it. henry had all the warning signs . . . but chloe lost weight when we got here 6 years ago and nothing bad happened. and it seemed gradual. ugh. i can't do this anymore, time to shut down. just for a few hours, not feel anything about anything.