October 9th, 2006

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yay! he just used the litter box! he isn't sick, or as sick as we thought. i'm so relieved. he ate more yesterday than he has been. the only thing he's lost interest in is grooming jack. and dry food, of course. this could just be anorexia (yes, cats, especially older cats, go off their food for purely psychological reasons and it is called anorexia). today i'll find a vet and have doc call them from work tomorrow and make arrangements. we'll make sure we've got the cash to pay for bloodwork and testing.

i have good news for doc when he wakes up. he is really worried about henry. but things are going to be fine. we're going to take care of him like we have been and get a vet's opinion.

i think i'm repeating this to calm myself. am i more upset about this than i'm letting myself think? whatever. things are looking up.
2013, cyd, new

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i've been blowing off my podcast the past few days. today i have to record and post one. it's good for me to have something like that to do regularly.

i tried to get pictures of the clouds and the moon last night but they didn't turn out, even with tweaking in photoshop. i took a picture of henry last night but it didn't turn out well, either. i need to pay more attention when i'm taking pictures. i just need to get used to this camera again. the viewscreen is lighter than the picture will turn out. opposite rules than my mavica.

i found the ticket stub from when i saw reverend horton heat with jess. perfectly preserved. i may frame it in one of the cheap little frames i have and hang it with my signed rollins stub. or i may use it in a collage. maybe my art journal.

speaking of, i need to move the dell out of here today so i can work on some art journal or altered book or something visual. silly computer is taking up all of my table space.


while i was sitting here typing this, henry went into the kitchen and ate on his own. we're winning. i hope. i sat with him on the couch after he jumped up for hugs. then he groomed his face and front paws. doc talked him (hard to believe, but i watched it happen) into eating breakfast. in all, henry has had a very good, very normal morning. topped off with his eating on his own just now.