October 8th, 2006

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henry is eating

we've taken this henry eating thing very seriously. we noticed he was losing weight and not eating the dry food. so we got him some canned food and feed it to him throughout the day. he only eats a teaspoon at a time. but he seems eager to be fed. thinking that he may not like the dry food we have, we are getting him a bag of the stuff he last liked tonight. we are obsessing about it and already putting away money for a vet bill. but his behavior is okay, he isn't lethargic. he's still henry, just without so much of the bulk. and he was a very fat cat. now he's just a moderately fat cat.

today i have to start monitoring the cat box to make sure he's going. he's drinking a good amount. not too much, not too little. this just seems to be a mood thing. he doesn't seem to like the food. but we don't know how long he's been refusing it. when we feed him soft food he is hungry for it, but not at all ravenous. he eats at a normal speed. and i've been over and over cat health sites and can find nothing that is just food related. there are other symptoms that he just doesn't have.

meanwhile leeloo and jack want to know why they don't get soft food unless henry refuses it. but they'll get over it.
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i was just making coffee and henry came in and meowed at me, i assume for food, since that is what i gave him and he ate another teaspoon of it. he asked for food. things are going to be okay.
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on the day and the plans

henry ate. he is not using the litterbox (or anyplace else), that i have been able to discern. so tomorrow i will search for a vet. then i'll see what our finances are like. then i will call said vet and make sure payment can be arranged. then we'll put him in the cat carrier and take a cab to the vet. we can't take him on the bus, and the way he stresses out, we need to make the trip short.

i'm not stressed out about this. i guess i've turned off. it's easier to do since the ECT. i can shut off my feelings. it takes some effort, but it can be done. and that is where i am with henry. i'm all about the practical side of it and what needs to be done. i'm not thinking about what the results could be, i'm very in this moment and what i can do right now. and i'm doing all i can right now for him.

the money part of it, why stress about that? we will do what we have to. i'll put off the dentist for a few more weeks. nothing to freak out about. money comes in and goes out and it will be spent on something we need. i'm pretty content about it.

the one thing i can do and am not doing is promote my ebay sales and try to generate more. i'll work on that tomorrow.

we're starting a "get ready for kam316" party of two this week. working on clearing out what will be her bedroom and putting things away. doc is taking some vacation time this week. i have to find some way to get to the storage place. that is my part of things. we need to go once and replace the lock and see what is in there. then we need to go again with some boxes to store in there. this is one time i wish we had a liscense between us so we could use the car. at least one of those trips can be by bus. plus there will be the "henry to the vet" cab ride.

yep, i need to start making lists. so far i depend on the ramblings in here to list stuff.

oh yeah, and we have a warranty for the DVD player that covers what is wrong with it. so i have to find a sony certified repair place and work out how to get the player there.

i am the transportation and pet care minister here in this little clan. okay. i can handle that.

i also cleaned and vacuumed today. i did all of my chores in record time and then took a nap. now i'm waiting on henry to go out to use the box. so far all i have is jack up my nose to get at the canned food henry is being fed. precocious jack.