October 6th, 2006

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i have found all lost computer CDs. i feel so omnipotent. and the cam software is all installed and functional. so my digital camera now can talk to the computer. and i have the rechargeable batteries i was sent all charged up and in the camera bag, i just need to find something to photograph.

lazy day, didn't do a podcast. i'll do one tomorrow. i haven't been near the computers except to play some music this morning.

the DVD part of our gifted DVD/VHS player has stopped working. i'm hoping it's a fluke. if not, we still have a working DVD player in my room. and maybe we can afford to get it fixed eventually.

we're worried about Henry, who seems to not be eating. we got him canned food and he just licks all the gravy off. doc force fed him some of the chunks after we gave Henry a full mouth inspection and found no swelling or broken teeth or signs of teeth problems. so naturally we are really concerned. we even moved the food away from the entry platform that it sat on near the covered litterbox. he seems to be drinking plenty of water, we just need to get him to eat.

time to make tacos. one thing Henry will eat is cooked beef. and he eats in moderation, though he did seem pretty ravenous about the gravy on the food last night. poor Henry.