October 4th, 2006

2013, cyd, new

i could . . .

have some coffe and wake up fully, or i can give into the meds and go to sleep for a few hours and do my chores once it cools off outside.

and i think the nap will out. i'm still tired from when i got up a couple of hours ago.

i found a DVD copy of xmen 2 i think i'll watch after Lost tonight.

doc has been torrenting his favorite show, sci fi's Eureka and it's hard to get him away from the computer now. my computer. because we do video on Dalek here, faithful and helpful Dalek. it's a good show, quirky. and far better than the stupid movies they are always making. they really seem to have someone fabulous in charge of new series.

when i get up i need to install the printer on the XP machines so i can scan my artist cards. i lost the scans in the last crash, a few months ago. i have this drive that it is all on, but the drive no longer works for some dumb reason. so i need to rescan those and a couple of collages.

i also need to get my art supplies all in this room. the collage stuff is in my room. i need to move it in here so i can work in here. i want to use up a lot of my collage stuff. it has been building up for ten years, and it is time for some output.
2013, cyd, new

plans well set

i took my nap and then i got up and did my chores and made myself mac and cheese for dinner.

i feel more in control. i did what i planned to do. oh, i also went up and got the mail.

now i'm waiting for Lost to come on so i can tape it for doc.

not terribly exciting, but just the way i wanted it.