September 20th, 2006

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am i bored?

i don't know. all i want to do is lay down but when i do i can't get comfortable. my body is resisting more sleep while it resists standing up. and sitting here is giving me a headache.

i just filled out my payee report for social security. it's an easy form. $6000 is spent on rent/housing, the other $1500 is spent on medications, and other neccessities. it's the same every year. and that sums up my income use. they always ask if any of it was saved and the account info. we always laugh at that part. i don't get enough to live. not if i was on my own. doc picks up the slack.

and that reminds me again how anxious i am to get my social security card and driver's liscense or state ID so i can get a part time job and make up the slack myself. i've never looked at the cost of institutional iving, but i bet it costs more than $7500 a year.

another reason i'm glad i live at home. it may not be a controlled environment but it is cheaper in the long run than having me in someplace.

this is the first year i've filled the form out as soon as it got here. most years i just lose it for months and then send it in. this is all part of my "do it now" campaign. no more things will be missed or blown off on my shift. i do it when i get it, take care of it, pay it.

i wonder if i have any marking pens.
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if you had asked me a week ago i would have said the neurontin i take wasn't doing anything for me.

now, my answer would be different. i'm running out so i didn't take it last night and i couldn't get to sleep for the spinning thoughts. i skipped this morning's dose as well, and am having the same problem. i'm now waiting for it to dissolve in my tummy and make my head feel better. we'll be able to order the neurontin now, and i just found another bottle of it.
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i love my office chair. you may recall it was a dumpster find. doc brought it home in all of it's leather glory. but there were two problems, one side of the back was broken and the chair would not fit into my workroom. i solved this by removing the back and giving myself a roomy, wheeled, square stool for the workroom. and i love it. even when i almost fall off the back, i love it. it is big enough for me to sit indian style on it comfotably for hours. and it swivels. a must have for me, as i will spin around until i am dizzy while waiting for programs to load and stuff to move from one drive to another.

i've got my machines loaded up with anti virus and anti spyware software. i'm not taking any chances this time. i also back up my writing to zip disks regularly. i've lost four years of cam pictures. and while i don't mourn them, i would rather not have my work disappear again in such permanent ways.

*spins around in chair*
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i now have 23 Then Jerico songs. go me! not even close to all of them, and i cheated and ripped one of their disks i have. then i found a then jerico CD i had made before the last drive wipe. all i had to do was figure out the titles. that got me 9 songs. my obsession can chill out for a while.

i also found new cause & effect songs i didn't have. another obsession down.

now i just need to locate a disk of Dalek I Love You, since i can't find more than the one song i have. and i know there are more.
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