September 12th, 2006

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oh the dust i have battled

dumpster score: surround speakers for my bedroom. missing one rear speaker. so an old speaker is the other side. S brought them over a week or more ago and i didn't think they would work. they all did. and they were in a box placed outside the dumpster so i only had to clean them a little. once over with anti bacterial and they were ready to go.

why do i need surround sound in my bedroom? i don't. hee. this was an icing-on-the-cake find. there was even half a spool of monster cable which i will give back to S so he can trade it with someone else. i have no use for it. the living room speakers are already hooked up. he trades this stuff with us for food and company, he never likes to come over empty handed. i told him it isn't neccessary, but he does it anyway. he has contributed more to my collection of "art" CDs (CDs for me to make things with) than any other single person. he is loved for that. he is loved for other reasons, too. he's a good kid. he's older than a kid, somewhere in his late twenties. but to me he's a kid.

and i only had to rearrange a couple of things, move some stuffed animals and find a new place for my lite-brite. it wasn't the horrible terror i thought it would be. that cleans the top of the room, the floor level still needs help. but i feel accomplished.

and i still have half a pot of coffee left. i swear to myself i will not make more.

oh, and the big thing in our lives is the flipping of the property we're living in. we got notice at 11 when doc got home last night that we needed to clean off our porch. the memo reminded that there was no storage allowed so this shouldn't be a problem. they are going to paint the buildings and need access to the porch. we don't store stuff, but i did have a work table set up and a shelf unit of cinder blocks and planks for the tools and stuff i don't want to store inside.

in the process, we opened up the door to our small storage closet and found that the soft water heater is leaking. some stuff is ruined, i'm not going to cry over it. the most valuable thing i think was a picture of me when i was a kid. so that explains why our water bill was so high last month. so we called them to log it before they come up and power wash and the office blames it on that.

so the porch is clean and the litter box is in the apartment, in doc's bathroom with the fan on. doc's bed is also piled with the stuff from the porch. we put a dropcloth down and cleaned as much as we could and then put the stuff on the bed. that way it isn't all in the living room. because though they are starting today, our building was at the end of the short list, so it could be days before they get to this building.

i'm fascinated about how they are going to block off the doors and windows to paint. i'm also curious about the doors, which are blue and the new colors don't go with that blue at all. so are they painting the doors? i'm all about watching it happen.

today they repainted the lines in the parking lot, blocking off parking in front of the walkways that lead to the parking lot. it cuts the parking capacity in front of the buildings by 2/3. that will make for happier parkers, or not.

once they are done with all this, i'm pretty sure this place is going condo. how, i don't know. even if you combined the upstairs and downstairs, no that wouldn't work. i don't know. i can't see this place going condo, but doc thinks that is exactly what is happening and R, before she left, heard from some member of the staff that was what was happening.

i guess we're moving out in november. unless they will give us a 3 or 6 month lease. how annoying.
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DVD melodrama

the encoding is done and a preview showed great sound. now the DVD is burning and i'm hoping for the best. i have to email B as soon as it's done and i can open my email and thank him.

i want to move this alternate computer off my work table so i can do art things on it while the DVDs burn. though the apartment is amazingly clean and i spent at least a half an hour watching the episodes in silence every 6 frames.

on the plus side i found another season 4 tape of farscape in my room. a bit of a minus is the season three episodes on it. not much of a minus because i haven't seen them to death yet. yet.