September 10th, 2006

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red headed step child

i am officially a redhead again. i missed it so.

last night was never ending, a stream of friends stopped by. good times. good company. we have only a few friends, but thursday and friday and saturday nights we see everybody. and to a hermit like me, that's a lot. i'm getting better at staying in the living room. instead of coming in here to the work room, which is open to the living room and playing on the computer. i'm told that is anti-social. so it's a thing i work on.

time to work on podcasts. happy sunday everyone.
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which way?

i posted that i wouldn't do a podcast today and then i recorded and posted a podcast. i sound horrible in parts of it. oh well, that's me. and these podcasts are pieces of me. so i figured i didn't need to be in perfect voice. if i were doing a talk radio thing, i'd let it go until i sounded better. but for a minute and a half i figured it was okay. that isn't that long, just short enough to fake it.

i found a set of graphics CDs i was missing last night. that makes me feel better. it was a set of 7, so it was a loss i felt keenly. i like to just browse through the photo files at the candy or the travel pics. i'm still missing some music CDs and at least one mp3 disk.

it's definite that i am shrinking. weight-wise. all i can say is hooray and i need a boob job. i don't need any more boob, just less droopage. and now that i've shrunk, i need to find my smaller bras. i'm not small enough to fit into the next size down that i have, which is actually two sizes down from where i am. but i'm digging on the loose pants and having to pull them up.

there are benefits to being a hermit, you can go through hair growing out and weight loss or gain times and no one sees you except those you live with. and since i only live with doc, it isn't a problem.

ick, chloe eats vomit. ugh, that is all i'm going to think about when she comes to cuddle with me. ugh, i may lose it myself. that was just sick. and she's giving me the stink eye now for stopping her. animals are so damn strange.
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AVI onto DVDs?

i just burned my first DVD. i did it wrong and only got one of the two farscape episodes on it. but no matter, the sound is not synched and it is jumpy in places. so i need to look for another converter than the roxio program i burned it with. of course, it's an older version of roxio. or, if anyone else has any suggestions, please offer them. i have a mess of AVI files i want on DVD. roxio 6 was not good enough. i've heard i should convert the AVIs to MPG first, then burn them to DVD, alas, i am new at this and completely unfamiliar with the territory.

ETA: okay, one of the things my friend gave me was adobe encore. all i have to do is figure out how to use it.