September 5th, 2006

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getting things done

well, we finally had the car towed to the mechanic. now we wait to find out what is wrong with it and how much it is going to cost. and we're praying the mechanic will let us pay each week instead of all at once because we do not have all at once. we have a decent chunk and maybe that will be enough. but i'm not getting my hopes up, i'm just happy the process has been started.

now we need to get the car title, and doc needs to make sure his DL is valid again. then the registration and insurance. doc is going to have to work his butt off to get the money for all of this, but our lives will be so much easier. all the simple little stupid things that should take fifteen minutes that take an hour for the walking. we'll be able to run errands and no more of this money in the wrong place crap anymore. the car means independence and i don't think he is grasping that, he's just seeing dollar signs racking up as we do this. but it has to be done.

it was either fix it or store it and if we had stored it, it would never have gotten fixed.

and that reminds me of the storage place we have. the car means getting to it and most importantly, getting stuff to it, because it isn't full but my apartment is.

i'm excited about this. really excited. it marks the beginning of us getting things done.

with a car we could get to the social security office in under two hours and i could get my card and then get my DL and then i could drive the car and maybe i would leave the house for that. maybe that would make it better. or help.

maybe our stasis in getting things done has fed my fear. i don't know. but i'm feeding doc's neurosis and i don't like that.

today is a new beginning.
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i posted my podcasts, printed out some poetry and am now eating a healthy lunch of tuna and crackers while i do more editing to the manuscript.

oh, and the cam is on. if you're a fan of my computer setup or the back of my head. hee.
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turns out the steve irwin coverage stings for only the first six hours of it or so. after that, i was completely desensitized.

did you know my cat leeloo wasn't dead? i didn't. i had to look it up in my journal. i thought i was hallucinating her. my medications may need adjusting. according to my journal, she got out with chloe and both of them came home. doc found them in the morning. she's only been coming out for minutes at a time and i haven't had a chance to try and pet her. i was busy talking myself out of hallucinating her. frankly the last thing i wanted to do was touch her, i thought she was dead. jesus, where does this shit come from?

wow, and it's 6. i kept it up during the med sedation hours. go me.

they don't exactly balance each other out, do they? maybe i should go back to watching the news. or maybe sleeping to it. you know, now that i'm not drowsy. sounds like an excellent plan. i'm thinking i should maybe take another seroquel anyway. just because of the whole leeloo thing.

i somehow got her confused with the death triggering of steve irwin. i can see that. i guess i won't beat myself with why.