August 31st, 2006

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i just sold some comic books on ebay and i can't remember where they are. i'll think on it as i sleep. there's only a few places they can possibly be. i thought they were with my other ebay stuff. they aren't. they aren't with the comic books, either. oy.

i curse my memory and doc tells me i never knew where anything was. that makes me feel a bit better, but i will feel a lot better once those comics are found.
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small victories

i found the lost comic books i just sold on ebay. so those are packaged and gone. i don't even know how i found them. i just started looking through piles of papers and such in my workroom. they turned up pretty quickly. i've put the rest of the comics with the ebay stuff in the ebay box so this doesn't happen again. a night of panic for nothing. i just need to be more organized.

now i'm going to clear out some stuff.
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i've been advised to trickle my podcasts. okay. so i'm not doing episodes on either podcast today. i've just got nothing better to do. and it is so fun.

i am surrounded by pages of poetry, all screaming at me to be read. but i am not being indiscriminite about it. i'm actually being quite picky.
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what a liar i am!

i did episodes for both podcasts and then made recordings for tomorrow. saturday will be my day off. i just can't help myself. and it isn't like anyone is listening to the one on my site. it's sad really.
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i broke away from my usual collaging and took a few ideas on placement and empty space from artworkslive and this is what i came up with. i like dealing with a flow instead of dealing with filling all empty space. i like the way this one flows.

this is the best picture i could get. i've got to get photoshop 7 onto the other computer and find a way to make nice with the twain drivers that help me get cam images out but stop me from scanning. and if i can't scan, what is the point, i ask you? hee.

so this is my creativity. i just found a box of letters and words. i have several boards of the size i used above. and plenty of decorative paper. i'm running out of paintbrushes (i only buy cheap ones because i abuse them) but there is at least one idea with paint i saw that i really liked recently. collage is wonderful, if i see a piece i like i can put my own interpretation on it and make it for myself.

doc gave me a bottle of rubber cement. a wonderous thing. i used it in this piece and plan to use it in each successive piece until i run out. its adhesive abilities slay me.
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(no subject)

does my constant babble about whatever it is i'm doing getting to you?
am i just too depressed for you?
is my constant self promotion a problem for you?
bite me.
i feel feisty
it draws me out of being bored stupid.