August 28th, 2006

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geez, give me a couple of argument free, close contact days with doc and i go missing him when he goes back to work.

i woke up after he left and i think i'm just upset i didn't get to say 'i love you' as he left. it's a habit.

so i feel a little disoriented.

so many people on my friends list are having great days and that is so cool.

i have a pile of things to do today. computer stuff and non-computer stuff. a nice balance of tasks.

doc took me on a tour of the house last night and talked to me about my art as we walked around. it was interesting to learn what he thought of different pieces. it was cool, really. i want and need to make some new work. something big that can be hung, all i've been doing are small books and art journals.

okay, enough sitting here ruminating and writing every 80th thing that i think of. time to do stuff.
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now i can't save files because my mp3 encoder isn't working or something. i can do no more recording until that is fixed. bugger all.

it really is monday, isn't it?
2013, cyd, new

yay and stuff!

i didn't need to upload the big file like i thought in wordpress, podpress links directly to my mp3 directory. problem fixed.

my mp3 encoder is now working again. problem solved itself

couldn't enter the new blog into the feeds. leprosy added it and you can add it to your friends list by going here:

i didn't have a paid account. anon person bought me a year's subscription. thank you thank you thank you.

the generosity of other people blows me away constantly.

monday must be coming to a close.