August 27th, 2006

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a generous friend gave us a refurbished vcr/DVD player. it is doc's new toy. it even came with a remote that works for the TV, we now only have one remote in our living room. we have some really cool friends. there was some mix up and i guess the refurbished unit wasn't needed or wanted. but it seems to work great. we watched pirates: dead mans chest, and RV and lucky number sleven. another friend always has the hippest movies on DVD to watch. some of them weren't working with our old DVD player. problem solved. i wonder at our lives sometimes.

i've spent the day typing in poetry. i'm almost done. unless i find some other hidden store of it, i will be done with the inputting and ready for the sorting and the editing. i have no plans to self publish this body of work. instead i'll harvest it for poems i like and submit some for publication on the web. especially "the pussy poem" about having dealt with too much pussy while working with porn and being sick of it. a bad thing for someone who prefers it to any other genetalia. i wrote it for a slam competition and it really is the best thing i've done in the past 4 years.

i got my bills paid and my ebay store opened back up. it was suck having the money and not being able to get it where it went. doc went into the bank and after it was fixed was told that customer service could have fixed it any one of the dozen times he called. nice.

i have to figure out how to get doc out of the house today so i can record something. i found a couple of pieces in "stop pokling me lady" that i'm not sick to death of that i think i can muster up the emotion to properly read them.

maybe i'll just make recordings of them but not publish them in any book or put the words up on the entry with the piece. i can put a photo there instead.

i've been good and not playing with wordpress. i plan to do a little playing with it tonight for a bit, but not having anything up worth going to that site yet. but soon i'll have my own working blog on my site.

we talked about making structural changes here in the workroom, but decided against it. or more accurately, decided to think further on it. there are two sides to it. more floor space, which is where i usually end up when working, but less table space which would make the monitor and keyboard cramped. all this fuss over one table. i guess i need to work here a bit more on stuff not computering to appreciate it once again.

doc is vacuuming the couch, i have some hysterical cats to deal with. hee.
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holy crap i figured out the problem with podpress and got it to work. so 'cydniey speaks' has a first episode up. it's up on the podomatic site, but i'm going to delete it from there. only people who know about the above new site and people who have already downloaded it will have it. hee.

not much of a hidden treasure since i plan to publicize it as much as i can. i want to do some tweaking to it, you know, make it more like my website. not hard, black and white, courier new. simple.

so now it is time to stop putting off CSS. time to open dreamweaver and do a tutorial until i know what i am doing and why.

ooh, i'm so happy. it has been such a good weekend. we spent it with friends and we got stuff done and financially we are situated back into poverty level, but upper poverty level. all i know is that our fridge is always full of food. and our bills are paid. and we have wonderful friends.

i made sloppy joes for dinner. they were goo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-ood. i love trashy food.

i love fixing things as i'm getting burned out for the day. hee.