August 23rd, 2006

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must stop going to bed so early

i slept all day and then went to bed at 1:30am. so at 9 i was up and alert. part of me wants to go back to bed and lay there. that part of me may win.

i got accepted into the forums at and i'm waiting for doc to go before i start listening to the pieces and commenting on them. it's a close knit online community of writers, poets, and performance poets. with a dash of musicians thrown in for a good mix.

as i fell asleep last night i saw what my problem is with wordpress. i just have no clue how to fix it. it has to do with a plugin i use called podpress. so while i will continue to read the documentation, i'm not playing with it anymore until i know i can get it to work. and that includes learning CSS. my friend said he used dreamweaver to help him, i have dreamweaver, so logic mandates that i can do the same thing. once i figure out how it works. and a couple of rounds through the tutorial should help with that.

meanwhile i have several off the computer things to do today. that will keep me from sitting here and obsessing. because there is so much to obsess about. and i am so good at it. it makes for a hard habit to break.

i ran across some "lost" cam archives yesterday. seems all my zip disks weren't empty. i also found journals i transcribed. maybe not all of them, i didn't check, but some. and some is better than what i thought i had. i may even post the cam archives to my site. maybe. i don't know what else i would do with them.

if i can get my copy of my CD to work i'll have all the archives that mattered. that would be very cool. i'll work on that today. see if i can't save what is on there and burn it to a new CD that is prone to work well. my copy of "mom said no" has always been quirky.
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another word for television

my picture box tells me lies
it sells me junk
and makes me squint up my eyes
in headache hell until
i turn it off for another day
no news is quiet for a night

or another two words. it was a challenge. yes. it was a poetry challenge. no, i'm not pussing out on anyone. i'm just into poetry right now. i still think most of it isn't at all for me. but i'm always looking for that one that surprises me.
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(no subject)

i was just reading my ljs for this week. jesus, i'm boring. but there's never any guessing what i'm doing with my time.

when i start new things, i start to question everything i do. though i don't do much because i involve myself so deeply into whatever it is. say, podcasting. or the week before it was the poetry. i need to mix the two. i need to round myself out a bit. moderation is a thing i've always had a problem with. i want it all, even if it makes me sick.

i have enough pieces, or short episodes up on my page. enough to rest for a bit and carefully choose what else i'm going to read from this book. i did all the best ones on the first run, seriously. which brings me to the desire to write longer poetry. hell. i'd be happy with a haiku. i only get really inspired when i'm angry and i can't write about doc when i'm angry so i haven't had much inspiration. i don't feel like writing or getting worked up about politics.

so i think i may start doing more of the challenges at i've found some really good writers there. i only did a bit of listening, i'm afraid my spoken stuff is out of place, they specialize in urban sounds. i'm all suburbia. it's only been a day, we'll see as i lurk deeper into the site. i'm hearing a lot of poetry put to music. in fact, i seem to be the only poster that has no music. maybe i can meet musicians through this new site (new to me).