August 22nd, 2006

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my ebay account has been suspended. doc is going to the bank (he's had enough of the phone dancing) tomorrow.

someone paid for, it would appear. thank you. thank you. thank you.

i have to focus on the good things i accomplished today. not on the one small failure. my biggest mistake was putting out the info for the new page before the page was ready.

tomorrow is a new day. a day to study CSS, something i gave up on a while ago. something i need now.

i hope someone is learning from my mistakes and victories.
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a promise

i, cydniey, being of currently lucid mind and pretty sound body do hearby declare: i am going to leave my worpress site alone for right now and just play with my podomatic page and be happy with that. for now. it will be another week or so before i'll be able to get with the guy who's helping me out. in the meantime i can read about it to my heart's content, but i vow not to mess with it until i have an experienced and patient person at the other end of the chat. this way i am promising myself and the universe that i won't upset myself over this anymore.

and it frees me up to have fun with the podblog i have. it challenges me to record more and get my limit up there. that will take at least a week. hee.
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um, yeah

i kept my vow for about 15 minutes, but a few minutes into reading a wiki of very little completion, i realized what i was doing so i took an extra xanax to help me get to sleep. i haven't slep through a day in what seems like forever.

and there's no clock in the room and the blinds are closed so i won't know what time it is when i wake up.

nothing wrong with a nap. even an induced one.

i'm plugged up and in bad voice today, likely from all the reading i did yesterday. the only piece i did in one take was "Dreams are not dreams" but i did read it through about seven times before i started to record. since i haven't read these in a while, it takes some time to get used to the way i want it spoken. i've actually had fun on a couple of them. i'll put more up at later today. after i sleep.
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and i don't feel at all guilty

it's 10 pm. doc gets off work in the next hour. i slept through the entire day and i don't feel a bit guilty. my voice is still rough and my brain is still in fry mode. i feel so relaxed. so at ease. i've been working too hard. but only for a few days. i need to work on moderation. i get in these moods where i just want everything done right now. i need to chill out about that. it's nice to see how driven i am. but it isn't good. i've loved it though. i've felt so worth the space i take up on this planet.

and again i say THANK YOU to whomever saved monkeynamedjack for us (kam316 and i). saved our entreprenurial butts, you did. thanks.