August 21st, 2006

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i'm watching my podomatic stats obsessively. i've listed the podcast on every directory i could find.

i did all the non-computer stuff i had to do. and cleaned off my work table while i was at it. i may want to art and i need room to do it.
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i'm so confused

as excited as i am about having wordpress on my site, i am so confused by it. i guess i need to read the site again. and the flickr feeds, my head will explode if i read any more about this.
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my new podcast blog

are you keeping up? now that i've wet my feet with the, i am ready for something bigger. so i have a site on my domain now. it looks rough, i have to get the fonts and everything fixed. over time. i have no clue what i'm doing. if anyone is familiar with wordpress, please message me if you have some free time and feel like dealing with a newbie.

YAHOO: cydniey
AIM: cydnieyb
ICQ: 7362323

but the new blog is here: i don't know what the RSS feed is yet. that is one of the multitude of things i need to figure out. but there is a player on my blog, so you don't need the feed yet, just visit the blog.

this is such a cool experience.
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how to podcast yourself

i found Juice to be the easiest fetcher of RSS podcast feeds. it has built in directories and adding a feed you happen across is really easy. it is also cross platform.

some directories you can look in for feeds and often listen right on the site: (this directory is built into the Juice fetcher)

that should get you started.
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my new podcast site

is apparently not ready for users. i have no idea what is going wrong, but it is. and matt is away at a con for a few days.

i guess i'll play with for a few more days.

i have to let this go tonight and get away from the computer. oy.