August 19th, 2006

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as doc asked a half an hour ago when i walked into his room, "what in hell are we doing up?" but up we are. and shall stay. i have to do something with this workroom today. i can't take the clutter any more. so that is my big project. i tend to stay off the computer mostly when doc is off work.

i got a lot done this week. i'm pleased with myself. if i can do as well in the real world, ie: this room, as i did on the computer all week, i will be cool.
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this song rocks. it is the kam316 pop theme song, i think. i'll have to send her the lyrics, but really you have to hear the song to fully love it. it is a bit poppy for my taste, buti have a soft spot for some pop that it fits right into. a generous friend gave me pink's new CD. do not judge it by "stupid girls". pink has taken an new track and though it comes out of the top 40 hub, it has more of the insightful work that thrilled me in small doses on "missundaztood" (or however it was spelled).

and the lyrics throughout are fabulous.

i love pink for trying new things and really devoting herself to those new things and not being timid with them. she takes chances and delves completely into those chances. that really is the most fun of art, no matter the medium. not dipping your toe timidly into the other pool, but stripping off your shirt and diving right the fuck into the other pool. splashing arond in it is the thrill of the chance.

i really love being an artist. i love being able to find inspiration for a book or trinket in a song. that is just the coolest thing about me. it's like i'm just remembering, all of this stuff i've been buried in, the altered book and the publishing and sorting of my poetry, i've had epiphanies, but it's like i am just realizing i am connected to it and those words and that art came from me. post ECT.

now i'm not making any sense, i'm rambling. but i'm really inspired right now. and that is a really cool feeling.
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up to here

i've had it up to here with podcsting. this may not be the medium for me. i don't know. the learning curve is steeper than i was looking to get into but i guess it isn't worth learning if it doesn't take some time.

i have not one thing in common with any podcasters i've heard. maybe that works to my advantage. i don't know. but i'm not reading the same articles one more time to get what i missed. instead i am taking myself over to the couch and watching fifth element.