August 9th, 2006

2013, cyd, new

my head is pretty empty

i found a bunch of files i thought i'd lost on my zenweb domain. that's pretty happy.

my mind is on going through the lj. that is it. i am completely focused. which is weird, but i'll take it. it's all about the poetry. i hope some of it is good. i need new material for a new CD and book. i could just write it, were it that easy. but i want to find the "lost" work i've stashed in the lj. i really do wish i'd written less.

it's interesting to go through the time of doc's "accident". that was moving.

oh, and god is no angrier with us than he was last year.
2013, cyd, new

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"sticks and stones may break my bones
but first you have to find me"

said by me.

i'm finding all sorts of stuff that is probably only of interest to me, but they amuse me so.