August 8th, 2006

2013, cyd, new

i take it back

i would read this lj if it weren't mine. in going through it there are some things that i've forgotten and really enjoy reading. i'm only adding tags to about a third of them, i'll go back sometime later and add tags to more entries. i've harvested 22 poems, most of them could use some work. that's in a year of journal entries.

let me tell you how happy i am, and how grateful i am to B for this wonderful computer of doom. i can have word, a browser and windows media going all at the same time with no loss of speed or hanging of programs. i'm giddy.

i just realized i like Staind. who knew?

to say the very least, my mood has leveled out quite a bit. so many entries will carry the "whiny little bitch" tag. hee.

off to find more hidden poetry, i've often said that i never lose work when i have it on lj. well, it is lost, but not gone. and you'd better believe i'm tagging them.