August 4th, 2006

2013, cyd, new

yay hooray

i'm at home! i didn't get shipped off to the hospital for my wounds. we talked (the doctor and i, that is) about why it happened and whether it was going to happen again. which it isn't.

i've lost the software disk for my digital camera, so i can't load anything. then again, photoshop is causing an illegal function whenever i open it, so getting the pictures onto the computer is only half of the problem.

B has had no luck getting my data drive to load on any of his computers. i have one more thing to try, but i have to reformatt and load windows XP onto the other computer. B will be here in five and a half hours and i'm trying to gather stuff up. i can't believe i lost the driver disks. i can get the drivers no problem, it's the software that works with the cam. . . oy.

but i'm home and free. and that is the important thing. in a couple more hours my medication will be here, though i've been taking lexapro since the cutting day just to keep it from happening again.

where did i put those disks?