July 26th, 2006

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i'm going to try this trillian thing for a while, so i'm online if not at the keyboard.

AIM: CydnieyB
YAHOO: cydniey
MSN: cydniey@hotmail.com
ICQ: 7362323
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what kind of day will today be?

i'm not going back to the hospital. i'm also not going to hurt myself today. i've been given a bunch of busy work to do around the house. i will keep busy and sleep if i need to.

today will be a better kind of day.
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i've just spent five hours doing huge chopping edits and reworkings of my manuscript. i've also now read the thing in its entirety. i now need to read it out loud to see if it all sounds right. that way i can do the smaller grammar edits. this is really becomming a big deal to me. what was busy work has turned into something completely different.

i also need to add more of my voice to it in places i cleaned it up.

the main thing i did was take the journal entries and put them with narrative pieces of the same topic. so the journals aren't in order anymore but they are an on the spot view of what i'm about to describe more fully.
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