July 24th, 2006

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will the coffee clear my head or will i go back to sleep? i have things to do. ebay things. and computer things, i need to get the drivers and install the soundcard that B brought me.

i gave a really cool wooden bead three strand necklace to A the other night for the blind charity she works with. and she, out of nowhere, goddess love her, had made me a beautiful bracelet using purple beads (how did she know i love the purple beads?) and this really cool tubing that you can put over memory wire. hard to explain but the effect is black where the beads aren't instead the silver of the memory wire. trust me, it's beautiful.

my hands are twitching, which is making the backspace button my best friend. i didn't know until now that i could reach it without looking. well, i didin't realize it until now. i've been doing it, just not thinking about it. overall i can type much better than i remembered.

off to finish my coffee. have a good day everyone. =}
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hear yee hear yee

i've added another 16 jewelry items, including several of the open style lariat necklace you wear kind of like a scarf, to my ebay store.

plus, and here is the BIG news, this weekend, kam316 authorized me to reduce the price of her paintings to $25 a piece. that is a fabulous price for her art.

i'll also mention that most if not all of the things on the ebay store are on closeout price sale.

thanks for visiting, look for more books in the near future.
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i almost lit my cigarette backwards. i think i'm getting sleepy. i got the pictures of all the books taken so i can put them on ebay. but since my eyes are crossing, those will be added later, after i take a nap.

i need new software. i need to ask B what he has. i hate my FTP program.

we're putting the system together on saturday. turns out that we can afford the power supply thing i will need. and B is going to pick it up for me.

here is an example of how i turned a really ugly part of my living room into a tolerable one using one of my favorite series of kam316 paintings.