July 23rd, 2006

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i've been busy relaxing this weekend with doc. i've done nothing more than clean the kitchen and watch "find me guilty" and farscape.

the hallucinations have receeded a bit. enough that they barely distract me.

i added my email addy to my website, that was a big deal. yeah. i found my code for flash5, goddamn i am cryptic with the names of my reg codes files.

i need to connect my zip drive to the other computer and back up the hard drive, i'm getting an upgrade i think. i got the jumpers i needed to add the big hard drive to that computer and a sound card that should work in this machine. and the hard drive needs to be updated anyway, i've got all my sims stuff on it and i don't want to lose that.

mainly our friend B has taken it upon himself to help me get my memory of computers back. i think this is very cool. basically we are taking discarded stuff from his brother's old computers and upgrading one, and we are going to build it completely so i will learn even more as well as get my memories back.

this is ultra cool. i need to know how to put a computer together. i know somewhere i know most of it. i just need to find that file in my brain. i think someone is sending me a modern day computer that will require some assembly. so all is cool with me and my machines.