July 21st, 2006

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hooray me!

after three long years of talking about it and trying it, i made myself a new website. you remember the one, http://fabulousdisaster.com. yeah. redesigned and filled in. i'm much happier now that it's done.

if you run into a problem on it, please let me know. =} thanks.
2013, cyd, new

argument of the month

it doesn't happen often anymore and when it does it's because i push him to do something.

i used to smoke a pack and a half a day. i now smoke about one cigarette an hour, sometimes a couple more. and i'm told i still smoke too much by a smoker! he would smoke the same amount as me but he's in work for 9 hours each day so he doesn't have the opportunity i do. bleh on him.

i have to go get the best of a program that currently has the best of me. i don't suppose anyone has a flash 5 serial? i lost mine somehow. which is a bitch.
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no one subject

i love my new camel canon camera. i finally got good pictures of some ebay stuff, which i will post to ebay sunday, after i get a few more pictures. i have some more books and a couple of boxes to add to the booty i have for sale.

so, huge thing off my mind. i'll have to join some ebay advert groups again and try to generate sales that way.

as for the other thing i was worried about, the thing in the protected entry, doc is out taking care of that right now. things should be back to normal soon. i hope.

i'm pretty mellow about everything because i just took two seroquel to make up for my missed dose, since it came in the mail today. so did the xanax. i can't believe how many i get at once. yipes. doc hides the bulk of them from me, in case i get stupid.

i hooked up a cam to this computer and though it is recognized by its own software, chillcam doesn't recognize it at all. i'm going to have to bite the bullet and save up money for new cam software. koolkam is looking pretty good. i need something for both machines, since i have enough cameras to use both alternately. ugh.

but over all things are looking up. i've been really busy, i feel driven to do stuff. not since the first weeks of lamictal have i felt this way. and not even to this extent. i did stuff around the apartment, but i didn't build a new website or write a book. nor did i take the pictures i needed to take. though i could have done it with one of the cams or with my mavica, i didn't. i waited until i got the new cam.