June 26th, 2006

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we spoke again of changes in me. no more highs or lows. this could be the seroquel, though.

today i'm taking a new approach. i have two tasks set for myself that are easy enough. one is cleaning the litter boxes and the other is cleaning the kitchen. i know where everything is for both tasks and don't see a problem with getting them done. i've also told doc i am doing them so he will expect these things to be done when he gets home from work. this helps me as well.

i thought i had more to say, but i guess not.
2013, cyd, new

i did it

i cleaned up and scooped up. then i made a new mess cooking for myself. i plan to clean that up when i'm done reading my reading stuff.

it's amazing how daunting a walk to the dumpster is when it is over 110 out. i'll wait until the sun goes down, at least. it will still be just as hot, but without the blinding light beating down. they actually tell you on the news to stay indoors during the summer here, like they did in the winter back east. during the summer i am glad for the lack of windows in this place. it stays cool.

R is leaving tomorrow. i have probably already seen her for the last time. it sucks for me that she is moving, but she is moving toward a new chapter in her life and that rocks for her. i hope it's tomorrow she's leaving, so i can say goodbye. i also wanted to offer to help load the truck. they are being smart and loading up early in the morning.

i need to make more friends.