June 10th, 2006

2013, cyd, new

chemical imbalance

yes, i've had two large mugs of coffee.
and yes, i had a cruller, lightly sweetened with real sugar.
and yes again, i waited too long to take my meds
i slept in quite a bit today and not for staying up late last night
but today has been imbalanced
take my meds first is the key
to keeping the constant head rush feeling away
it has less to do with the sugar and coffee
though those can't be helping
so i'll quit bitching now
i'm in my room, with a fair amount of stuffed animals
watching the fifth element over and over
i feel comfortable and can clean in here
little by little and feel better constantly
but i can't wait for the meds i just took to kick in
because the ringing in my ears is just about intolerable
every time i move my eyes or my head
the hospital had me on a schedule
and i messed that up day one
so really this is less of a complaint and more
of a lesson learned and taken down