May 22nd, 2006

2013, cyd, new

in which i try not to mention "it"

Spot's bedding is recycled paper and super soft. this has allowed her to make a cave to sleep in. we thought she had escaped last night, but she was just buried in her cave. this is the cutest thing to date.

the sloppy joes were great. i guess i did it right because i got some on my shirt. i hadn't eaten in three days, so they were just the thing. i'll be making them again, most definately.

i have a lot to do today and i really hope it is all a waste of time. i think i need doc to call the doctor from work today and give him a heads up.

the forecasters are teasing us with rain again today. to look at the sky i would say maybe it will happen today. i fear for drivers when it does, with all the oil on the roads and such. plus the way people freak out in the rain here. they forget entirely how to drive. but it would be really nice to have some rain, and if it comes, i'm putting my plants outside for it. they will be greatful.