May 12th, 2006

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before the daily delerium sets in . . .

i get confused during the day. i write entries. i know they are random and whiny and lacking sense much of the time. it happens.

yes, kelli, you have to be the sane one again. just for a while. i consider this a setback.

i never got around to watching the new DVD lsat night, survivor sucked me in and made me grumpy. i don't like cerie, i did at first, but i don't now. or maybe i was just cranky, i developed more opinions last night about it than i have in the four seasons i've watched. i want terry to win, but we really haven't gotten to see what kind of guy he is. he seems pretty stand up and all that. hmmm. tv. yep.
2013, cyd, new

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cat vomit cleaned up - check
cat box cleaned out - check
cats fuzzled and loved until i forget these tasks - check

i didn't sleep so much today. whew. so i have time to get my few tasks done before doc gets home. that will make him happy. and doing things is a sign of getting better.